Semaphore Blend 12oz

Semaphore Blend 12oz


Semaphore Blend is the newest addition to the core Fundamental Coffee lineup. This was one of the blends we kept up our sleeve until the time was right. Well, the time is right, or something. The name semaphore is defined as an apparatus for signaling, consisting of an upright with movable parts.

The notion is that we are signaling a return to darker roasted coffees with flavors that are developed, complex and still showcase what is special about the origins we blend together. A change in direction and a signal may be a bit overt but if you ever saw a mid-1950’s VW type-1 Beetle you know how different it was.

This new blend combines coffee from Central America and East Africa with a complex flavor profile that is unique and dynamic. Leading the way is a Guatemalan coffee from the Fraijanes region, paired with our bold Kenya Kirinyaga and a beautiful new arrival from Nicaragua. We think you will enjoy.

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