Double Indigo Blend 12oz

Double Indigo Blend 12oz


Fundamental Coffee is proud to introduce our newest coffee offering: Fundamental Double Indigo Blend. Our first new blend in over two years, Double Indigo Blend is our response to dark roast loyalists who sought an ever darker expression of Fundamental Coffee.

Comprised of entirely Latin American coffees, Double Indigo Blend evokes the classic style of Bay Area roasting tradition. Our roast for this blend may be described as an Italian Roast with a beautiful sheen on the coffee. The flavor is intense with burnt sugar notes and a sweet caramel aftertaste. Ideal for espresso as well as drip coffee, this blend is smoky and satisfying.

The three component blend contains Guatemala Fancy SHB which contributes full body and cocoa powder notes, Colombia Huila adds a hint of acidity and roasted walnuts while the Honduras Marcala SHG lends an additional layer of smoky complexity.

Double Indigo Blend derives its name from the long and complicated process of making extremely dark, high quality fabric which is usually woven in denim. The Indigofera plant’s leaves are harvested and turned into a dye mixture. Bands of cotton thread are then dipped repeated until they become deep, complex dark indigo hue. We love dark blue high quality selvedge denim almost as much as we love high quality dark roasted, small batch coffee. We hope you enjoy Double Indigo Blend.

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