Cold, Rain and Snow

Greetings Friends of Fundamental Coffee! I hope you've been well and are enjoying the holiday season and all its splendor. Tradition, time with family and friends, holiday meals, your creepy uncle, weird cousins, presents that seem like white elephant gifts can be fun and trying.

Well, we have the cure! We've been working around the clock (sort of) to come up with our 2016 version of Fundamental Winter Solstice Blend. Building on the Fundamental Coffee philosophy of offering full bodied, darker roasted coffee this year’s Winter Solstice Blend is comprised of three exceptional coffees.

From the Asia Pacific region, we lead with our exceptional Sumatra Mandheling which brings a bold, spicy and full-bodied flavor. This coffee is processed in the semi-washed tradition leading to its unique flavor. The second component is from another Indonesia island, Java. Our Java hails from the Jampit estate. This estate is historic and well-renowned for exceptional quality. Jampit may be described as a mildly nutty, medium-bodied, and floral complexity. Finally, rounding out this year’s blend is a fancy, high grown Guatemalan coffee from the Fraijanes region. Grown in rich, volcanic soil this coffee contributes cocoa note, elegant flavor and a balanced acidity.

We hope you enjoy this special coffee. Winter Solstice and all of our great blends are ideal for holiday giving or indulging in an awesome cup of coffee to battle the cold, rain and snow.

For our Seattle friends, please join us on Friday, December 9th at Crush Restaurant (now Coffee Flour Labs), 2319 East Madison from 11-5 to taste coffee, sample some tremendous truffles from Phinney Ridge Confections and purchase an array of beautiful stained glass pieces from Blue Fish Studios.



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