Weather Report Suite

Hey friends...It's been an amazing summer here in the Northwest with beautiful long days, lots of fun and good times in abundance. Sadly, the West Coast has been too dry and wild fires have threatened homes, natural forests and wildlife. Here's hoping for some wet stuff (I really can't believe as a Seattleite I'm saying this).

We've had a productive summer at Fundamental Coffee, our tasting space is completed, we launched three great coffees (Ethiopia Kaffa, Kenya Kirinyaga, and the well-loved Summer Solstice Blend), and we're increasing our roasting capacity. We've added a few new accounts but continue to look to grow our business, especially online. Which reminds me, the Summer Solstice is available for another two weeks ORDER NOW if you liked it.

I've been sampling various coffees over the last several weeks and shortly we'll be offering a new single origin, Asia Pacific coffee called Sumatra Tapanuli and a brand new blend. No it's not Autumnal Equinox Blend as many clever supporters have joked. It's a blend of Central American and East African coffees called Semaphore Blend. More on those coffees in the very near future. Until then order some Summer Solstice for the last iced coffees of the season. Drop by 8/28...



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