Fundamental Musings...April

Hello Friends of Fundamental Coffee, Scott here with a few updates. Firstly, we have a sign in front of the space at 4660 Ohio Ave South! Thanks to Darren and M3 for their beautiful work! We had a really fun party during the Specialty Coffee show here in Seattle. We were joined by our friends from ICAFE, Coffee Flour and of course our space partners at Silver Cup. Much merriment was enjoyed by all. Except for the nice Costa Rican girl who asked me to put on Salsa music.

We have been serving Humbucker Blend in the fantastic Crush restaurant here in Seattle with continued support from friend Jason Wilson. We've also been enjoying working with our friends at They assemble the best coffees in Seattle and ship to you to enjoy and learn about the great coffees of Seattle.

Finally, I'm working on our next seasonal offering which will be cleverly named Summer Solstice Blend. Who says a dude with a degree in History and Philosophy can't be a marketer? The coffee will feature bright, citrusy washed coffees from East Africa and Central America and will be delicious hot or as iced coffee.



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