Fundamental Musings

It's been a fun and exciting few months at Fundamental Coffee. We suffered a big loss in October but have retrenched and plotted our course forward. Thanks to everyone for all the hugs, support and most importantly buying our coffee so we can keep this thing afloat. People still ask me what they can do to help. Easy answer, keep buying our coffee and telling your friends about us.

The Fundamental Friday events continue to be a blast with the most unreal and amazing connections and re-connections occurring every week. It's literally six degrees of separation with all the industry folks coming together to share a cup of coffee.

So we're working on a few things for the Spring including a new blend and at least one single origin coffee. New crop Central American coffee have been late in in some cases the rust damage is still being felt in terms of volume and quality. Our supply chain is solid and our partners in origin are confident though concerned their crops will be smaller this year.

I'm putting together a blend which will feature some African coffee as well. Don't fear, we're not going to be flogging some obscure sun dried, over-fermented Kenya Mbuni for $50/lb. and claiming it makes great single origin espresso.

We have our first restaurant account actively serving our Humbucker Blend in a tableside format. Thanks to my friend Chef Jason Wilson and his great dining establishment Crush for putting us on the menu.

Finally, thanks for embracing fresh roasted coffee and our philosophy that great coffee doesn't need to be elitist, overly complicated or require a dictionary to discuss flavors.



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