Winter Solstice

Hello Friends of Fundamental! Sorry to have been so quiet as of late. I've been busy making great blends and trying to keep the Fundamental ship afloat. Thanks for all your support.

Here's some news in no random order: My beard is really long (King County requirement of coffee roasters), I'm roasting on a nice Probat L-12 which my friends at Silver Cup purchased, Winter Solstice Blend is awesome this year, we continue to enjoy selling lots of coffee through, and we have been getting some great press about our coffee. More of that coming in February. Also, I just bought some great Sulawesi coffee. Look for that in January.

If you haven't ordered for awhile, you're ready. Some fresh roasted Fundamental Coffee awaits...I promise, I'll be roasting it for you.  

Happy New Year!

Scott McMartin2 Comments