Winter Solstice 2108 Blend 12oz

Winter Solstice 2108 Blend 12oz


2018 marks the fifth release of Fundamental Winter Solstice Blend. We probably say this every year but we swear this one is our best yet! We typically start the process by asking our suppliers for samples from our favorite countries, regions and farms and start with a blank, dark-roasted slate. This year saw some interesting new origins which we though sounded promising but ultimately didn’t make the cut…a Monsooned Malabar comes to mind.

Once we’ve selected a few strong contenders we samples roast the individual components in our Probat sample roaster then taste the coffees individually before assembling the potential blends. After some preliminary bench top iterations we roast the coffees again and cup the blends blindly to select the top choice.

This year’s Winter Solstice Blend calls upon some old favorites from Sumatra and Guatemala and an exciting new coffee from Papua New Guinea. The Sumatra is a super spicy, bold and herbal coffee from the Aceh region in northern Sumatra. Our Guatemala component hails from small growers in the Sacatepéquez Department and contributes a dense cocoa note and full body. Rounding the blend out is a Eastern Highlands coffee from Goroka, Papua New Guinea. This coffee is complex, herbal and elegant and is grown on old variety Typica trees which produce heirloom longberries and an amazing aroma.

Deciding on the roast profile is the final step in the process of developing a new blend. We were really considering a light roast version this year. Just kidding!! We actually are roasting Winter Solstice Blend 2018 a deep, rich dark brown. The roast fits in between our Humbucker Blend and Double Indigo Blend. The flavor profile is best described as full bodied, herbal with notes of spice and semi-sweet chocolate with a long complex aftertaste. We hope you like it as much as we do and your Winter season is filled with peace, love and joy.

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