Ivy Street Blend 12oz

Ivy Street Blend 12oz


In collaboration with our friends at Division Road in Seattle we are excited to introduce our latest coffee offering, Ivy Street Blend. Evoking tradition, heritage and the highest quality materials available we assembled this blend to welcome the fall season. Working closely with Division Road founder Jason Pecarich, we started with a blank canvas and came up with a blend we are truly thrilled to offer.

The elements of the fall: wood fires, turning leaves, cold wind and crisp skies helped inform our dark-roasted blend of two intensely individualistic coffees; a syrupy thick and spicy Indonesian coffee from the island of Sumatra and a layered and complex coffee from the Medellin region in Colombia.

The Sumatra component hails from the North Sumatra Province in the Aceh region specifically from an area called Gayo Mountain. Rare and treasured, the top quality Gayo Mountain coffees are grown in nitrogen rich volcanic soil and processed using the semi washed method. The resulting coffee is incredibly full-bodied and often referred to as herbal or containing cedar and basil notes in the aroma. The smell of a cigar box or complexity of a garam masala would not be outlandish descriptors.

Similar to the Gayo Mountain Sumatra, the Colombian coffee in Ivy Street Blend is grown by small farmers under exceptional growing conditions with ideal soil and microclimate. The finest Medellin types contain full body, flavors of roasted walnuts and pecans and possess a lingering and smooth finish.

When considering the roast for Ivy Street Blend, numerous test roasts led us to a roast intonation which showcased the essential elements of each origin but still had the distinctive Fundamental Coffee character. Namely, dark and complex with sweetness and depth and never tasting of sharp, bitter or ashy notes often found in poorly constructed dark roast blends.

When combined, the elements of distinctive growing regions, careful grower selection and small batch hand roasting marry well to create a complex and intriguing coffee blend that yields an unforgettable cup in a coffee press, pourover or as a shot of espresso.

This coffee has an extremely limited availability. See you on Ivy Street.

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