Summer Solstice Blend 2017

Summer Solstice Blend 2017


We are proud to introduce the 2017 release of Fundamental Summer Solstice Blend. As an annual part of our coffee calendar, Summer Solstice is a blend we look forward to assembling as spring gently ebbs into summer. This year’s Summer Solstice Blend features exceptional coffee from East Africa and Central America. We began with the search for complex and citrusy coffees hailing from Africa’s best growing regions. We tasted some interesting samples from Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania.

 In the end a Tanzania AA microlot from the Kilimanjaro region proved to be the best suited for Summer Solstice. With a bright lemony acidity and full body, this component is the cornerstone of Summer Solstice. The Central American contenders for the blend included coffees from Guatemala, Colombia, Panama and Nicaragua. We actually decided on another interesting microlot coffee. This lot was from a farm in Nicaragua called Finca La Pradera located in the Department of Nueva Segovia. The flavor contributed by La Pradera may be characterized as crisp, with notes of orange and natural sweetness.

The blend is rounded out by the addition of a small percentage of Guatemala Fancy SHB (strictly hard bean) coffee from the regions of Atitlan and Huehuetenango. The use of Guatemala gave the final elements of body, elegant acidity and cocoa notes we were looking for.

Overall, Summer Solstice Blend this year may be characterized as a complex, medium-bodied coffee with layered citrusy acidity, hints of orange peel and clean refreshing aftertaste. A great coffee for your pourover setup, French Press or drip brewer. One of the reasons we make this blend every year is for making great iced coffee. This year’s version is no exception! Enjoy it as cold brew or hot, it’s going to be your favorite warm weather Fundamental Coffee.  

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